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Physical Therapist/Massage Therapist/Health and Wellness Coach

Working with passion as an integrated physical therapist, massage therapist and health and wellness coach. Through personal and professional development, these areas of expertise have come together to create a hands on approach that enhances well being and personal bests for clients.

By creating a peaceful, caring and supportive environment, health and balance are fostered to promote health and healing. Meeting people in the present and moving forward at their own pace to achieve personal goals is essential. Facilitating healing and promoting individualized wellness by working in collaboration with each client to gain perspective and make progress.

Whether the focus be about pain and dysfunction with musculoskeletal issues or imbalances in diet and lifestyle, the mindset is the same with customized care.

Adapting to each patient’s needs by tapping into evolved professional skills in physical therapy, massage and health coaching to achieve personal goals.

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    Learn the basics of inflammation and how it impacts your health:

  • Discover a myriad of sneaky low-level signs as well as full-blown medical issues that could be resulting from inflammation.
  • Delve into the different habits of diet and lifestyle that can impact inflammation and overall wellness.
  • Explore the common culprits that affect your health as well as how you eat, drink, sleep and move.
  • Learn some simple steps to take to decrease excess inflammation, improve your health, minimize illness and disease and improve your quality of life!

Click on the book below to find my recent publication.

My Latest Podcast-Episode 122 Talking Inflammation with special guest Theresa Freeman PT, LMT, NBC-HWC.

    Learn about:

  • Natural ways to decrease inflammation
  • The importance of sleep and diet


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